Protection and Police Safety Orders

What is a Protection Order?
A Protection Order is issued by the Family Court to protect people from domestic violence.

The Family Court can issue a Protection Order if it is satisfied that domestic violence has occurred and that the Protection Order is needed t protect you, (the Applicant), and other person for whom protection is sought.


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What is a Police Safety Order?
A Police Safety Order (PSO) is issued in circumstances where the Police believe on reasonable grounds that family violence has occurred or might occur.

The order last for up to five days but more usually one or two days. The purpose of a PSO is to protect the person at risk from violence, harassment or intimidation. The order stays in force until the expiry time/date listed on the order.

The Police do not need the consent of the person at risk to issue the order.

When a PSO is made, the person bound by the order must leave the address while the PSO is in force, even if they own the address and/or normally live there.

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