Children and youth Services


We offer a variety of services including individual and small group programmes working with children and young people impacted by family and other forms of violence.


Youth Programme (11-17 years)


Offered individually  through intensive 1:1 support   to develop ways to deal with stressful situations in a healthy and safe way and to support young people to have a more positive outlook towards themselves, their relationships and their future.


Small group programmes run in schools working on understanding emotions, conflict resolution  but have concerns about the impact family violence has had on your child we are able to support you.



Children’s Programme  


If you have a child who has been subjected to or witnessed family violence, we are able to support your child and yourself through the impact of such an experience.


If your child is named on a protection order, your child is able to receive a funded programme that is designed to explore the impact  of their experience as well as develop an understand of healthy relationships and communication skills including how to express their emotions in a healthy and safe way.


If you and your child are not named protected person on a protection order  but you have concerns about the impact of family violence has had on your child, we are able to support you.

Thanks so much for the help/support this year. You guys do an awesome job. Especially when you give it to me straight. I don’t wanna hear it but know its all true and its slowly making me a better person. Thanks again.

RISE delivers services into Nelson, Motueka, Golden Bay, Marlborough, Kaikoura, and the West Coast.
Please contact our Nelson office for information.

Nelson Office

Level 3, 295 Trafalgar Street

Phone: 03 548 3850

Txt: 027 548 3850

Motueka Office

15b Courtney Street

(site of Jack Inglis Care Home)

Phone: 03 528 8976