Adult Services


We offer a variety of services including education, counselling, family whanau, group or individual sessions to support adult who have been or are currently in a relationship(s) characterised by violence or abuse in all its forms.


All services can be accessed as a self-referral, or through other services including but not limited to health services, court services, child services, schools, government departments, self, parents. Fees are supported through MoJ and Corrections and we receive part funding from MSD and Ministry for Vulnerable Children Oranga Tamariki (MVCOT). RISE relies on fund raising to provide these services. Where possible a small koha is requested but will not be a barrier to accessing any support.


Adult Safety Programme


Suitable for anyone subjected to current or past family violence, no matter what form of abuse has taken place – you can access this programme. The programme consists of up to 10 sessions offered either individually or in a group and explores the dynamics of family violence, safety planning, communication and decision making for healthier and safer relationships.  A separate exploring anger programme is for those who have been impacted by family violence to  turn their anger into a constructive rather than a destructive outcome.


Non-violence Programme

This is provided for any adult who has or continues to place their whanau at risk of harm through various forms of family violence whether this is emotional, physical or sexual abuse. The programme is offered individually or group depending on recommendations from your assessment. The group programme is available to men only at this time. Any female entering this programme will receive an individual programme.   The individual programme is up to 15-weeks but generally over 10-weeks.

The group programme is delivered over 20-weeks depending on your referral pathway and assessment outcome. The programme is open and you can join at any-time. The programme provides an opportunity for; exploration of behaviour, impact on others, insight, behaviour change by choice, how to express and manage feelings, develop strategies for alternative communication, problem solving, healthier relationships through equality and respect and improving interactions with whanau and the wider community.




This is available either alongside a programme or as a stand-alone service. Counselling is provided to meet the needs of the client and might include but is not limited  to supporting individuals to work through trauma, help the client develop strategies and solutions towards healthy and desired outcomes.


Family whanau


This service provides a raft of flexible interventions based on the individual/whanau’s needs with a view to improving their safety and wellbeing. Connecting to the wider community and additional services that will support your needs towards safer and positive lifestyle changes.


Parent Support


An individual programme to support parents who have been referred to our youth services that require practical tools to support positive parenting and behaviours including conflict resolution strategies. We look at parenting  styles and skills when engaging with an aggressive young person.

You helped me identify ways I could mitigate risk to myself and to my children. By changing my reactions to his behaviour and realising that I wasn’t as powerless as I thought I was. By taking responsibility for my own actions it ensured that a situation that occurred wouldn’t happen again.  We both now understand the importance of open and honest disclosure of feels as well as the importance of equality in our relationship. This makes the  children feel more secure, and home a nice place to be again.

RISE delivers services into Nelson, Motueka, Golden Bay, Marlborough, Kaikoura, and the West Coast.
Please contact our Nelson office for information.

Nelson Office

Level 3, 295 Trafalgar Street

Phone: 03 548 3850

Txt: 027 548 3850

Motueka Office

15b Courtney Street

(site of Jack Inglis Care Home)

Phone: 03 528 8976