RISE, formerly SVS - Living Safe, is a provider of professional family violence services. For more than 35 years, we have helped individuals and families seek and achieve real change to live healthier and safer lives. We are an accredited service, approved by the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Justice, and the Department of Corrections. We are a charitable NGO.

We work with people responsible for the family violence as well as people who experience it. It is only when we work with the entire whānau – including the perpetrator of the harm who also needs help – that everyone can develop sustainable ways of preventing future violence. A family-centred approach gives everyone a better chance of creating lasting change.

Our counsellors and social workers have significant education in their specialised fields. They undergo further on-the-job training with RISE to enrich their formal qualifications to specialise in this work.

RISE clients, regardless of gender and age, can take part in one-on-one counselling, specialised programmes for individuals or groups, ongoing education, and other services. Clients either self-refer or are mandated to attend our programmes. They come from all backgrounds and we ensure our staff reflect our community. We also deliver community education and training.

We serve communities in Nelson, Tasman, the West Coast, Marlborough and Kaikoura. Our primary office is in Nelson and we have an office in Motueka, both in the top of the South Island of New Zealand. We are a member of the National Network of Family Violence Services and participate in a daily local meeting working to prevent family harm.

RISE Strategic Plan

RISE Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025
The organisation's strategic plan.
RISE Strategic Plan 2020-2025.pdf
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RISE Privacy Statement


RISE recognises the need to protect the information, understandings and circumstances relating to a client and will keep accurate information about a client in a secure place and have a clear procedure stating how and when this information may be disclosed to others and steps taken when there is a notifiable breach.


RISE will keep accurate records and case notes on every contact with clients or services in a safe and secure place, will specify when and how client information may be disclosed to others and will be aware of and comply with requirements under the Privacy Act 2020, Family Violence Act 2018 and the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 and any other legislation that from time to time relates to the rights of clients.

The Family Violence Act 2018 and Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 will override aspects of the Privacy Act regarding sharing information where our obligations require us to share information in family violence situations

Client information:

All request for clients requesting their files needs to come through the General Manager. The General Manager is responsible for releasing any information held by the organisation.


Individual clients are entitled to correct any personal information by

  • requesting a correction
  • requesting that a correction statement be attached to the information
  • corrections need to be noted in the clients EXESS file

Storage of information: 

All information pertaining to individuals whether, staff, volunteers or clients shall be kept in secure locked areas to which only relevant people shall have access. This includes internal and external reports that identify individuals. Client files are kept on EXESS CMS. When client files are ready for closing any paper files will be loaded onto the electronic client file and paperwork shredded.

The agency shall not keep personal information longer than is necessary.

  • Personal information for employees will be held for 6-years following the ending/termination of their employment / contract after which it will be destroyed.
  • Client information is held electronically through the EXESS CMS.
  • Unsuccessful job applications and CV’s will be held for 12-months after which they will be destroyed.

RISE delivers services into Nelson, Motueka, Golden Bay, Marlborough, Kaikoura, and the West Coast.
Please contact our Nelson office for information.

Nelson Office

Level 3, 295 Trafalgar Street

Phone: 03 548 3850

Txt: 027 548 3850


Motueka Office

15b Courtney Street

(site of Jack Inglis Care Home)

Phone: 03 528 8976