Feel confident in being a new dad with this free course

Are you a new dad or about to be a new dad?

If so, come take a free course with other dads to learn what it’s like to be a parent and to learn helpful tools and new skills to make your experience more fulfilling.


Yes, fatherhood brings a lot of new things to your life, both positive and challenging. If you’re looking for help to be a connected, compassionate, and confident new dad, our course can teach you useful new skills and share insights into what it is like to be a new dad. We’re going to cover topics from


  • Fatherhood and parenting
  • Balance
  • Emotions
  • Post natal depression
  • Relationships
  • Play
  • Safety
  • Stress
  • Brain development in newborns

Dads and anyone who is in a father-role with children from 0 – 2 years old can sign up for the free course. Parenting or “being a dad” is a practice rather than a biological function, so we invite the following to join us:

  • birth fathers
  • step-fathers
  • foster fathers
  • non-biological fathers
  • uncles or grandfathers
  • carers

Being a dad comes with the range of emotions and pressures, from really good to really stressful. Learn how to draw on the new sense of identity as a father to be prepared to cope with the more difficult aspects, which are part of the package of being a dad.


The course will include sharing experiences between new dads, hearing from dads who have been there, done that, and learning how to foster positive interactions across your entire whānau. By developing this network of connections to other new dads, you’ll have first-hand knowledge, as well has help from Perinatal Support Nelson, who are experts and have helped develop this course.


The course is free and it includes 10 sessions. The first course starts 2 March and continues weekly on Tuesdays. After this course is completed, new courses will be announced on our Facebook page as they are scheduled. To learn more and register, call us on 03 548 3850.

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