Positive responses from those required to attend our non-violence programme


Throughout the last full programme year ending 30 June 2019, 51 men and 3 women responded to surveys when they completed our non-violence programme. These participants were mandated to attend the programme due to a criminal charge or protection order. The programme can be one-on-one with a clinician but more people do the group education programme. It runs for 16 weeks and the sessions focus on facilitating a path for participants to live without violence.


The primary aims of our non-violence programme are to stop ongoing family violence, prevent future family violence, and end the intergenerational cycle of violence. As with all programmes, we focus initially on safety – how our clients keep themselves and others safe within their whānau.

Of the 54 clients surveyed:


  • 91% somewhat or fully agree that the programme helped them stop their violent behaviour,
  • 89% somewhat or fully agree that the changes they’ve made have helped their whānau,
  • 93% somewhat or fully agree that the programme helped them understand how violence affects children, and
  • 94% somewhat or fully agree that the programme helped them.


It is an encouraging first step for these mandated clients that so many found value in the programme. It is even more encouraging when some choose to continue their work with us to address more serious topics, which many do.


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