Feedback about our Non-Violence Programme from 30 June 2019 evaluations

We recently collected evaluations from men who graduated out of one of our group Non-Violence Programmes. As an organisation that focuses on improving the behaviours and lives of perpetrators of violence, as well as those who are victims, we are always keen to see that we’re making a difference with the (mostly) male perpetrators we work with.

When we asked what in their lives changed during the time they were in the course, some of the answers they gave us included:

  • Being more open to crying
  • Understanding not everything requires a confrontation
  • Talking out issues helps
  • Learning to listen
  • Not needing to win all the arguments

We were delighted and grateful that 100 percent of the respondents told us they:

  • would recommend the course to other men
  • achieved their goals for the programme
  • rated the SVS Living Safe facilitators as ‘excellent’

Given that this program is a self-referred programme - meaning men come to us voluntarily, not as a requirement as with a protection order – we are pleased that when they leave, they feel it was of value.


The SVS Living Safe Non-Violence Programme (NVP) is designed around the framework of the Family/Whānau Violence Legislation and the Family Violence Act 2018. The programme uses a holistic and cultural approach to offer strategies for participants to keep themselves and others safe.


We examine current behaviour, the beliefs supporting these behaviours, and help participants develop skills to make relevant changes based on equality and respect. Events in participants lives are used as examples for discussion. Information around the Family Violence Act is discussed, such as understanding how protection orders work and the responsibilities for respondents. We discuss the effects of violence on children and the services available for children.


If you are interested in SVS Living Safe’s services, please get in touch by email or call us on 03 548 3850. You can read more about our programmes on our website.


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